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General arrangement:

Our auxiliary bleaching agents consist of water and magnesiumhydroxid as their main components. They are used mainly for the bleaching of ground wood (SGW) as standard, but for the bleaching of TMP and PGW as well. Reconstructions of the existing plant are not necessary for the use in conventional bleaching plants. Therefore the utilization in your plant can be worked out very flexibly.

The advantages:

  • 50 % lower COD generation during the hydrogene peroxide bleaching process

  • complete substitution for silicate and / or caustic soda

  • no silicate precipitation therefore improvement in runnability

  • no dangerous medium

  • The proportion mix of hydrogene peroxide (100 %) compared with “Kaliol” is at a range of 1 : 0,5 up to 1 : 0,8

  • Reduced consumption of hydrogene peroxide result in increased residual peroxide

  • Higher operational reliability of the bleaching plant

  • Lower demand of retention agents

  • Increased drainage acceleration in the wire section

Our products:

Kaliol K40:

Our standard product for the use in ground wood bleaching

Kaliol NC150 and WE35:

Tailor made customer versions for better runnability or special demands in product consistency.


Prevention of Oxalat scaling by direct use in watercircuits.

The delivery in 1.000 ltr. container, tank trucks or railway containers is carried out according to the customers needs.