Kürzeder & März Bleichhilfsmittel


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Laboratory Tests:

We offer you detailed laboratory tests in advance with implementation of our products in your bleaching. We determine the correct custom made formulation. Our company is therefore capable to establish important statements in advance regarding the advantages in future plant operation.

Are you interested in our products? We offer you laboratory tests without obligations - please get in contact with our customer service.

Operational Test:

Our service includes long term operational tests in your factory, if your decision for permanent implementation of our products in your plant has not been made up. We offer you our technical support and equipment for these tests on special conditions.

Product Implementation:

Our service team will accompany the tests during the implementation period and support the evaluation of the test results as well as the optimization of your plant parameters.


We will take care about the complete logistic of our products. We can acquire your stock in store online and evaluate the delivery for the optimized point of use on your inquiry. 

Process Technology:

Following our principles “complete solutions - all in one”, we deliver also the technical equipment and solutions for the implementation of our auxiliary bleaching agents. We can cover the whole range of process technology beginning with the storage tank up to the dosing pump and from the electrical switchgear cabinet to the programming of the system.

Please contact our technical department. We deliver individual, custom made solutions to your plant.

A mobile equipment can be provided free of charge for the operational tests in your factory during the testing period.

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