Kürzeder & März Bleichhilfsmittel


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Company Profile

The enterprise Kürzeder & März has been established in Hörlkofen nearby Erding (Bavaria) in the year 1992. Since then, Kürzeder & März  are dealing with magnesium hydroxide suspensions in the field of peroxide bleaching of fibres (mainly wood pulp) in the paper industry. Our company is on a steady growth as our products guaranty the highest quality standard and service support.

Kürzeder & März provides you also with an efficient development of products besides the standard production. Custom made demands and production problems will be considered generally in our technical development and support.

Since the year 2000, we are also capable to deliver the complete dosage plant, which is necessary for the use of Kaliol. We can also provide you complete process technology equipment, hard and software for the plant control and the link in your process control system.